About Us

Hi, I am John from Los Angeles, California. I am the brain behind this website “DehumidifierReview” which is mainly dedicated as a guide to People in helping them regarding any type of Dehumidifier related queries.

Basically the idea of this site revolves around a Problem which I faced personally in 2019, Due to some work I traveled to a coastal area and spent a decent time there. The most irritating thing I have experienced there was the Humidity Level which was totally unbearable by me personally and most of the People came there.

To overcome that Problem we googled for good dehumidifier suggestion but failed to find any detailed article or guide on that, atlast we have to settle for the one which was available in Local without researching much. But that incident stucked with me and when I came back from there I determined to start a blog on dehumidifier to help people by guiding them about the concept and how to choose best one as per their requirement.

This is my short story which basically acted as a trigger for this website.

Many of the Product listed do return a small commission for the affiliate link, but this doesn’t influence why I chose them or why they’re on this site.

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